Bon Voyage!

Bonjour mes amis!

Still glowing, if only slightly tanned, and sporting a few nasty insect bites.. I am finally back home from 2 gorgeous weeks in France. My love affair with this beautiful country includes my passion for the language, which I am slowly perfecting, its culture and of course its delicious cuisine.

I visited the gorgeous city of Lyon, which I believe is like a smaller-scale Paris, it even has a mini Eiffel Tower (which is in fact a television mast) and the beautiful Cote D’Azur, staying in Cannes and Monte Carlo. It really was a holiday to remember..

I don’t recall every being properly hungry, food was on the agenda from start to finish. Of course I’m talking croissants, pain chocolat, oogling at little patisserie’s, the odd macaron, plenty of Orangina and piles of ice-cream and pizza! (Italian not French I know, hope they won’t mind)

My trusty Canon never stopped clicking, with a photo opportunity at every turn. French cities have an incredible ambiance which I can’t help but adore. They manage to be strikingly vibrant and alive, yet relaxed and at peace, all at once. The sophistication and glamour of the French Riviera also added an extra dimension, and made for great people watching sessions!!

Every little patisserie  and chocolatier shop window had me stopping and gazing like a little girl..

Cannes also boasts a large food market which I visited with my Mum on a sunny Saturday morning. It was awash so many bright and bold colours, and everywhere you turned there were row on row of fresh and yummy fruit, vegetables, flowers, meat, cheese and much more.I gazed on many varieties I had never even imagined existed, and was offered a piece of fried seaweed and jellied octopus.. unsurprisingly I didn’t take the plunge.

I also delight in the simple pleasures whilst on holiday in France. Kinder Chocolate, and French biscuits from a good supermarket. You can hold off your tarte tatin and millefeuille, these lovelies will keep me happy for quite some time. Yes I am well aware you can buy them back home, but I don’t. They’re much better eaten on holiday on the continent, where they belong.

I hope you had time to check out the collection of bakes which were the result of a mad dash bake-athon amid last minute packing before I left, I loved seeing all your comments come through (when I managed to find a free wifi zone) and I can’t wait to come up with some more yummies for you, inspired by my French adventures..

Lastly I shall leave you with the gorgeous Mr Pig, bought in a patisserie in the beautiful mountain town of Grasse. He hides a devilishly dark secret..