Butterfly Pops

Finally I am free!

Today I put on my high school uniform for the very final time. Yesterday was my very last exam before summer.. geography. Human geography. A heck of a lot of facts came flowing out of my head, to my amazement, so thankfully the time I spent in between blogging and baking may just have been more productive than I thought!

And how did I spend my first few hours of freedom and unadulterated bliss? Browsing the cookery section of my small town’s surprisingly large department store of course!  Baking on the brain..

They say school days are the best days of your life.

I guess I sort of half-believed my English teacher when she chirped that every Monday morning.. but not so much when it was raining, or snowing, or so windy I looked like I’d fallen backwards through a bush on my way to class. On those many occasions, I’m sure I could have found a million other ways to better spend my days.

Yet she was right. It’s only now, as it finally dawns on me that people I have spent every single day with, shared the smallest and biggest moments together, stood by each other and held one another up, we won’t be together for very much longer. Because it’s not the cold dingy classrooms I’ll miss, or the mind-numbingly boring assembly, and most definitely not the assessments which stripped me of my social life for weeks on end.. oh no!

I’ll miss the smiles, the faces, the warmth, the family. We may have started to drift apart, or see each other differently as we grew. Innocent little girls can become seasoned gossipers and relationship ruiners. Guys can become, well jerks lets be honest! Though the bond you share with your high school year is a bond that is something very special, something worth savouring and holding on to.

So it’s with a smile, and a giggle and just a small tear I guess, that I wave goodbye to this high school, and I look towards  the next two years of my journey.. I will soon be spreading my wings.

(Please excuse the awful pun, and lets get onto those pops!)

These were my first encounter of the cake pop kind, and I guess I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Relatively simple to make, though I’m afraid these little bites never come out as perfectly rounded and smoothly coated as the recipe books suggest, as is the case for most things I’ve found! But definitely worth trying, these little pops had my little sister and her friend standing in amazement and licking their lips.. Setting up this shot with so many pretty pink girly delights also had me quite excited too!

I recently came across flavoured chocolate buttons, the British equivalent to candy melts I’m guessing. Though I’ve heard they can be tastless? Well, let me tell you, these chocolate buttons were the yummiest type of chocolate I think I’ve come across!

Pink buttons = sweet strawberry flavour

Orange buttons = tangy orange flavour

They were simply scrumptious! Found myself eating a little too many before they made it to the melting stage.. woops! But i would definitely recommend you try and find some like these, a big sticky thumbs up!

If you would like to make your own Butterfly Pops you will need:

1 layer cake, cooled and crumbled

frosting (i used whatever i had leftover.. whatever takes your fancy!)

candy melts, or flavoured chocolate buttons for my British friends!

sugar paper for wings

I roughly followed this recipe from Bakerella

1. Mix cake crumbs and frosting in a large bowl until it starts to come together.

2. Get your hands messy, and start to bring the mixture together. Roll into small balls in the palm of your hand.

*mixture needs to be moist, but not TOO moist, or it will start to fall apart and come away from the stick.

3. Melt some chocolate, dip the end of a lollipop stick in it, and gently slide it into the cake pop, just under halfway.

4. Put in freezer to harden for a while. Then when firm, melt coating and swirl your cake pop in gently, coating all sides.

*chocolate will harden very quickly as pops have been in freezer!

5. I used a pencil to draw wings onto sugar paper, cut them out with scissors and scattered with sparkle dust.

6. Attach wings to cake pops using a small amount of extra chocolate.

Et voila! Hope you enjoy!