Dreamy Rainbow Cupcakes

Let the fun and games begin!

It’s hard to believe tomorrow marks the start of that rather important world event in London.. Yes the Olympic Games of 2012 have arrived! Cue mass National Pride and just a little harmless rivalry as the world gets ready to turn its eyes to London.

These cupcakes were originally meant to be adorned with those iconic coloured rings, the Olympic Games’ symbol. However as the Olympic organisers/bosses/spoil-sports decided it would be a great idea to ban all use of these harmless and universal coloured circles on all goods, including cakes and cupcakes, this idea had to be sadly scrapped. Where’s the fun in that? This received a very large BOO from me when I found out. I was willing to bravely go ahead and decorate my cupcakes as I pleased, but I soon realised that cutting out rings was proving a little too fiddly, and maybe it was in fact best to stay on the right side of the law.  Thus, these cupcakes became simply Rainbow Cupcakes, but I hope you appreciate their nod towards all things Olympic.

And on a happier note, the sun finally decided to shine on Northern Ireland today! Yay, summer has arrived!

Whilst making these happiness-filled little buns, I found it impossible not to taste and sample as I go along. Yes, I’ll hold my hands up, I am the type of baker who licks her fingers with joy and always pop away a cupcake when its fresh from the oven and still steaming. I guess it’s something that I’ve done since I was very little, and is a habit that doesn’t want to leave me. It ain’t so good for the thighs, but it’s excellent for the soul! I call it the ‘Baker’s Diet’. I often spend so long in the kitchen, and inevitably nibbling away at some leftovers, or finding a happy home for that ugly cupcake (you always get one right?) that soon I get so sick of looking at so much sweetness and gooeyness, and FOOD, that I have to give myself a good few hours out of the kitchen, and drink water, lots of water, that after all that, I wasn’t hungry and oops, I missed lunchtime! I think I need to learn to NOT eat as I go, and NOT constantly lick buttercream off my fingers! Woops! Please tell me this isn’t just me?

Anyway, these cute cupcakes are made with a classic Vanilla Cupcake recipe and a Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream to match.You simply divide the mixture into small bowls, colour each a different colour with food colouring and then gently spoon a little of each in layers into your cupcake cases. Then bake, frost and enjoy!

I hope unlike me, you can resist the urge to taste-test as you go, and have the patience to wait and enjoy the momentous first bite of a huge, fluffy, creamy cupcake. (Man that sounds good, don’t it?)

Hehe, Have a lovely day,

Amy x


24 thoughts on “Dreamy Rainbow Cupcakes

  1. Amy,

    you have one the yummiest blog on wordpress and your so talented, I love your blog!

    Have a Lovely Day!

  2. I am here to assure you, that no, it isn’t just you! Hehe. I too, am guilty of taste testing as I bake (this is what Masterchef has taught me to do afterall!). I usually find that after baking, I am a bit ‘sweeted out’, so a pickle usually fixes all my problems. Haha. That, and like you said, lots of water.
    These cupcakes look great!

    • Aww thank you so much! Yes they sure do brighten up your day, hehe. And I must say I am so very jealous of your amazing trip at the moment, incredible! :)

  3. Amyyy Lovely cupcakes!
    I totally got ur idea of the Olympics color! they look great!
    By the way, I promise you isn’t just you who follows the “Bakers Diet” LOL
    and Woohoo for your new food colouring! Now the macarons will be perfect! =D

    • Thank youuu :) aww good, I’m so glad I’m not the only one, hehe
      and yess, I love them! Just waiting on the perfect time to attempt some macarons again, here’s hoping!

  4. I am obsessed with ALL of your cupcakes on this blog! I love your presentation, and they look so delicious. And who doesn’t love these rainbow beauties? The kid in me will always love sprinkles and rainbow-colored cakes!

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