Giant Jazzies

Giant Jazzies…. what are they and why are they so giant?

Hopefully you will have noticed that these are the yummy balls of chocolately goodness that adorn the top of my blog.. when I first made them, along with my mum and sister, it was the moment that made me finally decide that I needed to blog. I needed a space to share my love of baking, document all the recipes I constantly wish to remember and mostly, to rediscover my passion for yummy food.

I wouldn’t be here without my mum’s support and inspiration, which reminds me, please check out her blog @ Just A Blooming MinuteWe are currently engaged in a ‘Blog War’  of sorts and as much as it pains me, I would REALLY appreciate if you could pay her a visit, it would make her very happy, and make me love you all even more!

These yummies weren’t meant to be this ginormous. Really. Maybe we didn’t quite follow the recipe correctly, but they grew so huge that only 4 were created out of the whole recipe and to eat one alone was no mean feat. Trust me. You may want to make yours a little smaller…

Oh and I called them Jazzies cause it rhymes with Snazzy, obviously!

A perfectly simple and innocent looking recipe, the mixture is moulded around a marshmallow and dipped in whatever frosting or sparkly, jazzy coating you desire. Made from crushed biscuits, condensed milk and cocoa powder, these huge balls of pure indulgence are quite dangerous… That is why I give you pre-warning.. enjoy at your own peril! (and keep a glass of cold water nearby)

In other words, simply enjoy this delicious treat!


Giant Jazzies

12 digestive biscuits

57g coconut

small tin of condensed milk

57g margarine

57g cocoa powder


melted chocolate to coat and decorate

1. Crush biscuits in a large bowl, add coconut and chocolate.

2. Melt margarine and mix in.

3. Add condensed milk and mix well to make a sticky mixture.

4. Wet hands and press mixture around a marshmallow. Depending on what size you wish to make them, either use one large marshmallow for each, or for smaller jazzies, cut marshmallows in half.

5. Chill until well hardened. Then melt chocolate and dip jazzie until completely covered.

6. Coat in assorted sprinkles and sparkles.

* smaller jazzies could be turned into pops, by inserting a lollipop stick before chilling.

Get snazzy, and make some jazzies! hehe, enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Giant Jazzies

  1. Mmmm giant jazzies? Way to make me hungry after an eat feat :P
    And your mum blogs too? That is so cool! It’s just me in my family! I wish my mum did!
    Can’t wait to check out your mums as well :D


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