Vanilla Cookies

“When things don’t go right…   go left.”

I have never been much of a sugar cookie girl me. I’ll happily eat them if you serve me up a plate, but I just find them much more hard work than the simplicity of whipping up a batch of cupcakes, or the type of cookies that will happily be splatted onto the tray! All that chilling, then rolling.. then chilling again really does take a LONG time.

What’s more I can never seem to get them the right thickness, or be able to pry them off the counter top without them ending up in bits.. or in my mouth most often!

(Cookie dough tastes much better uncooked right??)

However today I challenged myself to give it a shot.. what was the worst that could happen?

Well.. I will confess that once again, me and the cookie dough didn’t quite along too well! It turned out less like cookie dough, and more like very thick cupcake batter.

Maybe the fairy baking mother is trying to tell me something.

But I proceeded to chill, roll, chill my gloopy cupcake batter. And it really was a lost cause by then. So, I resorted to how I like to do things. The ‘cookies’ were simply rolled into a smallish flat ball in my hand, and placed on a tray. And cooked of course.

Out popped my improvised cookie/cake creation! Crunchy on the outside, but deliciously soft on the inside! (Best eaten warm from the oven!)

Loved by everyone in my house, I guess they weren’t such a disaster after all! A new afternoon treat fave!

Baking after all is never exactly perfect, its about how you make it, and learning from past (cookie dough) mistakes I guess!

Have you ever had any baking ‘mishaps’? Or have you perfected the sugar cookie? If so, please let me  know!

5 thoughts on “Vanilla Cookies

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