Pink Sprinkle Cake

Ask me what I wanted for my birthday when I was 10, and I probably would have just asked for money. Lots of it!

To buy what you may ask?

Answer: BOOKS!

Yess, I have been a bookworm since before I was born my mum might say. I am thankful that she brought me up surrounded by them, and instilled in me a love of reading. Given birthday money at the age of 10 and I would have requested to be taken immediately to the nearest bookstore, to carefully search and scour the shelves for hours on end, returning home some time later with a huge smile on my face and a heavy bag laden with my newest treasures…

Though the world has changed…

Yesterday was my little sister Laura’s 10th birthday (Boy she has grown up so fast!) and for her birthday present, she asked for a Kobo e-reader. A blue one, because the purple were all sold out..

We have both fallen in love with it and I must say I am quite jealous, and may have to borrow it when she’s at school! Though I find it crazy how within my lifetime technology has changed so much, and who knows, one day how we might be reading books!

Though I am simply glad that she seems to have got some of my mum and I’s genes, and that she knows and loves a good book..

Birthdays are never birthdays without a cake, and so during a break in my exams, I whipped up this delightfully simple but delicious one layer cake using the recipe I previously posted, and covered it in lashings of Fluffy Vanilla Frosting…

Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

(makes enough to cover one layer cake and a little extra.. if you manage not to eat the rest!)

8oz icing sugar

3oz butter

1-2tbsp milk

1tsp vanilla extract

Food colouring

1. Beat the butter until light and creamy using an electric mixer.

2. Sieve in icing sugar, and mix until well combined.

3. Add vanilla extract then milk gradually, whisking until of desired consistency.

4. Slowly add food colouring until you reach the desired intensity.

* I usually whisk my icing for around 6-7 mins altogether, which allows it to become extra light and fluffy, and makes a beautifully soft and delicious texture.

As recommended by the amazing Sweetapolita.

Seeing Laura’s little face light up when I showed her the cake was amazing… and  then she very quickly demanded we sing to her, and cut her a slice, immediately! (As only 10 year olds can)

Happy Birthday sweetie, from your big sister Amy!

10 thoughts on “Pink Sprinkle Cake

    • Thank you! yess i really have so little time when I’m studying to read any books.. which is why I can’t wait to summer! Got a long list lined up to start! :) and thank you for stopping by!

  1. awww…. so utterly sweet of a big sis to bake such a beautiful cake for the little one. I always wished that I had a sister. It must be so wonderful with the two of you – sharing stuff etc..
    The cake looks stunning…

    • Yes sisters are definitely a special thing! I am very lucky she can appreciate the things I make for her, and is old enough now to share it with me. She helps me sometimes too, although often that leads to problems, and a very messy kitchen! Lol

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • Aww I knew I wouldn’t be the only one! And yess.. I’m undecided on that one so far, somehow nothing beats the feel of a good book in your hand, with proper pages! :)

      Thanks so much for dropping by!

  2. Beautiful cake! I absolutely agree about books making the best presents! Whether it’s an art book, interior design book, travel book, or novel I simply cannot get enough of them! Wonderful and heartfelt post!

    • Thank you so much Alice! Yess, there’s just something a good book can never quite replace! Thanks so much, that’s very sweet of you, glad you stopped by! :)

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